Reference - Graf von Faber-Castell


250 Year of Style and Quality

The "Faber-Castell" brand enjoys an excellent reputation around the world.


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250 Years of Style and Quality


The “diesigner” has been working with the local enterprise "Faber-Castell" in Stein near Nuremberg, on a regular basis.The well-known manufacturer of fine writing instruments entrusted our team as general contractor with the execution of the "Graf von Faber-Castell" stores, from the manufacturing of customized furniture right through to the complete remodeling of the store.

For the shop interior and fittings and in co-operation with our own in-house designers, we developed and produced a high quality furniture series. Moreover, all further steps, from the overall reconstruction to the realization of the project were included in our general contractor services.

One of the main challenges in this project was in the careful attention to corporate identity set by the designers. What is more, a reliable and smooth execution of all operations including meeting the pre-set deadlines was of utmost importance.